Build a map of land and sea areas filled with delightful details from historic cartography.

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Only 2 minutes to learn

Take turns placing tiles onto a map together to complete and score land and sea areas, and their bonus points. Every tile placed can potentially score for each player. The player or team with the most points at the end of the game wins.

How to play Land vs Sea
watch it played - Land vs Sea

How to play video

Join Rodney Smith from Watch it played to learn how to play Land vs Sea.

With its simple entry level gameplay and optional scoring layers, couples, families and more experienced gamers will all find something to love in Land vs Sea.

  • 2 minutes to teach and learn.
  • Double-sided hex tiles with one side hidden creates a unique puzzle game laced with surprise moments.
  • Layers of choice as you select which side of 2 tiles to place in various ways, and select face up tiles to replace them.
  • Scoring starts simple – complete land or sea areas for 1 point per tile plus bonus points enclosed.
  • Turn on additional scoring options – Mountains & Coral and/or Caravans & Ships to deepen your strategic choices.
  • Different modes of play for 2/3/4 players.
double sided tiles

Take a first look at Land vs Sea in depth.


Download these gallery images as a zipped archive (zip 116.1MB)

Land vs Sea


Design & Art by
Jon-Paul Jacques
40 minutes
Cartography, Medieval, Puzzle
Tile laying, Area enclosure, Team play
Medium-light strategy
Retail Release 
October 2021


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