Plot your way to fame! Manage your Guild, lead adventurers, and complete quests.

Scheme. Build. Adventure.

Trouble is on the rise. And for adventuring guilds this spells opportunity.

Start with a small group of adventurers with different skills. Plan and prioritise their every move. Hire new adventurers to build on & expand your strengths. Weigh the risks of taking on increasingly difficult contracts to earn fame and fortune. Hire labourers to upgrade your guild to expand your reach, but get in fast before their price goes up. Simultaneous action planning and sequenced resolution with prisoners’ dilemma conflict resolution helps you co-operate with rivals or contest them to win contracts.

You can’t do it all, so set your priorities and know when to take risks to get ahead.

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  • 1 x Board
  • 4 x Order Boards
  • 4 x Upgrade Boards
  • 4 x 13 Order Cards
  • 4 x Guild Screens
  • 4 x Guild Ribbons
  • 4 x Fame markers
  • 4 x Contest tokens
  • 1 x Round marker
  • 1 x Builder Cost marker
  • 20 x 1 Gold tokens
  • 20 x 2 Gold tokens
  • 12 x 5 Gold tokens
  • 4 x 20 Gold tokens
  • 35 x Common Contract cards
  • 30 x Heroic Contract cards
  • 30 x Legendary Contract cards
  • 24 x Novice Adventurer cards
  • 24 x Adept Adventurer cards
  • 16 x Hero Adventurer cards
  • 8 x Legend Adventurer cards
  • 6 x Starting Skill Upgrade tokens
  • 18 x Skill Upgrade tokens
  • 15 x Core Upgrade tokens
  • 6 x Prestige Upgrade tokens
  • 30 x Dice


Guild Master


2 - 4
60 - 120 minutes
Card Game, Negotiation, Variable Player Powers
Medium/Heavy Strategy
Retail Release
Q3 2020
Chris Antony
Andrew Bosley
Aleksandar Mihajlovic
Yamandú Daniel Orce


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