The competitive dog walking game on the streets of New York City.

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About Bark Avenue

You are competitive dog walkers on the streets of New York trying to walk dogs and make the most money! Find the balance between the perfect walk and having steady clientele. Your challenge is finding the balance between the perfect walk and a steady clientele. The everyday events on the streets of New York will keep you on your toes, and when you go above and beyond you'll earn tips and learn new abilities!

The walker who earned the most as the sun sets wins the day. Lace up, leash up, and hit the streets!

Bark Avenue full game

Bark Avenue is perfect for light strategy gamers, families, and dog lovers looking for a richly thematic dog walking game.

  • Adorable art of real dogs and foster dogs in New York City,
  • Short turns create a fast paced race,
  • Highly thematic gameplay designed by a professional New York dog walker & game designer couple,
  • Simple rules with deep route optimisation strategies
  • Fun events add challenges, opportunities and replayability.
Bark Avenue walker board


BA 3DboxFRONT 600


Design by
Mackenzie & Jonathan Jungck
1 - 5
15 minutes per player
Dog Walking
Pick up and deliver, route optimisation, set collection
Medium-light strategy
Retail Release 
November 2023

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