We’ve had a lot of calls for a solo mode for Unfair over the years... and the first of several Unfair solo modes has now been released with the Unfair Comicbook, Hacker, Kaiju and Ocean expansion live on Kickstarter on until Feb 24 2022. So, how is Unfair suited to solo play?

The long awaited second expansion for Unfair comes to Kickstarter on Feb 7, 2022. This expansion adds 4 fantastic new theme packs, Comicbook, Hacker, Kaiju and Ocean, and the first of several solo play modes to Unfair’s incredibly replayable modular theme park tableau building experience.

We are excited to announce that Land vs Sea will be released in North America, Australia and New Zealand on October 6, 2021, and in other regions in the weeks following.

Land vs Sea is a beautiful 2, 3, and 4 player tile laying game where you take turns placing tiles to build a map of land and sea areas filled with delightful details from historic cartography. This is a fresh take on tile laying games with intriguing and innovative components, simple gameplay with surprising depth, and optional extra scoring layers that add strategy as desired.

Yes we have 2 theme park building games: Funfair and Unfair.

Unfair was released in 2017 and is a modular mid weight theme park building game currently being expanded to give infinitely replayable fun. It’s a lovingly cynical interactive engine building game system that gives players a huge variety of engine boosting and combinational elements to explore game to game. It also gives players the ability to mess with each other in limited ways, if they think they need to. This is unusual in mid weight engine builders... but it means engine built victory is rarely certain half way through the game.

Funfair is our new standalone theme park building game. It introduces players to the infinite world of theme park building they can find in Unfair and its many modular expansions. It’s built from the same DNA and uses many of the core gameplay elements and rules found in Unfair. They are set in the same universe and share their look and feel, but have some important differences summarized in the attached table. But, in a nutshell, Funfair is a shorter, tighter, faster and friendlier version of Unfair.


We are excited to be demoing our most recent and upcoming game releases online at Gen Con 2020. Some non-US friendly session times available! Get the details on these learn to play events. You will need discord & Tabetopia & Tabletop Simulator to participate.

Fluttering Souls is a delightful 2 player butterfly drafting game perfect for couples or a parent and child and is now available world wide.

Fairy Season is a stunningly illustrated tricksy card game that will keep the family entertained. It's also now available world wide.

Guild Master is our epic new fantasy adventurer guild team management game releasing in September 2020. It is a deluxe table filler you can really immerse yourself in for an hour or 2. We are running short 6 round games starting from the Quick Start setup.

Funfair is our beautiful new stand alone theme park building game. It's built on the Unfair system but is lighter, faster & friendlier and releasing in Q4 2020. Get in for these first public sneak peeks before the spaces fill up. 

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See you safe and sound at Gen Con 2020!

Unfair logo - B&W

Community Manager Jaime Lawrence chats to Joel Finch about the way art comes together in Unfair...

The Unfair universe of strategic theme park building fun is set to expand with the launch of the first expansion to the game on Kickstarter on July 23, 2018.

Unfair press secretary Shane Spacer has just made a special announcement.

"Despite rumours to the contrary, we can confirm that there will never be an 'I' theme in Unfair. We can confirm that negatively. It's a ridiculous assertion. Any news to the contrary is FAKE NEWS. I'll take one question..."

Question: "So what theme pack will the letter I represent in Unfair then?"

"THERE IS NO I IN UNFAIR. Any assertion to the contrary is FAKE NEWS."


The team from Good Games Publishing will be at Pax Australia, November 4-6 at the Melbourne Convention Center! 

Unfair, the new theme park building game from Good Games Publishing moves from strength to strength.

It funded on its first day and Unlocked its first major stretch goal on its 3rd - a whole new Ninja theme pack which adds more destructive play, the ability to steal Blueprints and a 5th player mode. This theme pack is added to the whole game, immediately increasing its value.