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Community Manager Jaime Lawrence chats to Joel Finch about the way art comes together in Unfair...

The Unfair universe of strategic theme park building fun is set to expand with the launch of the first expansion to the game on Kickstarter on July 23, 2018.

Unfair press secretary Shane Spacer has just made a special announcement.

"Despite rumours to the contrary, we can confirm that there will never be an 'I' theme in Unfair. We can confirm that negatively. It's a ridiculous assertion. Any news to the contrary is FAKE NEWS. I'll take one question..."

Question: "So what theme pack will the letter I represent in Unfair then?"

"THERE IS NO I IN UNFAIR. Any assertion to the contrary is FAKE NEWS."


The team from Good Games Publishing will be at Pax Australia, November 4-6 at the Melbourne Convention Center! 

Unfair, the new theme park building game from Good Games Publishing moves from strength to strength.

It funded on its first day and Unlocked its first major stretch goal on its 3rd - a whole new Ninja theme pack which adds more destructive play, the ability to steal Blueprints and a 5th player mode. This theme pack is added to the whole game, immediately increasing its value.

In the Unfair Kickstarter campaign we are offering 2 full extra theme packs as stretch goals. Thats +50% content at no extra cost. Now that's generous, but hardly original. Some projects do this and offer those expansions as additional sale items in retail. Like some other projects, we take a long view through retail, and will make those expansions part of the core game. We think thats a win win for backers, who get +50% bonus content for their support, and for those who buy the game in retail without having to pay extra. Both gamers are important to us.

Nearly 1000 backers helped Unfair, the new theme park building game, fund in a little over 24 hours from its launch on Kickstarter.

Backers have been clamouring for stretch goal reveals to find what new themes packs and teasers would be added to the thematically modular theme park building game.

The new theme park tableau building game Unfair launched on Kicksarter today.

Unfair is designed by Joel Finch, and it got some good buzz at Gen Con 2016 with its mix of attraction building, blueprint scoring, beautiful art and nasty or nice event play. Also; subversive flavour text.

CoolMiniOrNot and Good Games Publishing are proud to announce a strategic relationship beginning today, Thursday, Aug 4 2016. CMON will co-brand, market and distribute the new Australian publisher’s board games in all French and English territories outside of Australia and New Zealand.

Good Games Publishing is excited to announce our intent to publish UNFAIR - where fun is serious business.

In the strategic card game Unfair, you build an exciting theme park to attract guests and make money, while thwarting your competitors' plans to do the same.