We make good quality & fun tabletop games at a variety of price points, styles, depths, and with broadly appealing themes. 

We use crowdfunding to make good games great, but your game needs to stand out from the crowd to begin with. We are looking for likely or already proven Kickstarter successes, and also for some non-kickstarter games that just need to be published.  

What we offer:

  • A passion for helping good games reach their full potential
  • Game development
  • Art and graphic design direction
  • Kickstarter strategy and project management
  • International game publishing
  • Manufacturing experience
  • Retail knowledge and experience


If you would like to submit a game for Good Games Publishing to consider for publication, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. the following details;


  1. Game name
  2. Elevator pitch - describe your game’s experience, theme, mechanics and audiences in 3 - 5 sentences.
  3. Design goals and / or market analysis.
  4. Rules document (pdf or gdoc).
  5. Pictures of your prototype including cards in hand, components on the table etc - show us the experience.
  6. List of components.
  7. Links to your game's website and / or kickstarter project page


  1. Short gameplay or rules video
  2. Sell sheet
  3. Any production cost quotes
  4. Thoughts on how your game project is unique or how you would like to develop and market it.

We will confirm receipt of your email, take a few weeks to look over things and then be in touch.

* By submitting games to Good Games Publishing for consideration you understand that we may already be working on a game with a similar theme or mechanic or both. You understand that we would never steal a game idea, let alone yours.

What will affect your chances?

We are looking for a variety of games that suit different audiences, including kids, families, casual gamers, strategy gamers and more. We won’t be able to publish every good game we play or do everything at once, but we will give honest advice on your game design and your options wherever we can. 

Find our what types of games we are looking for