We are excited to be demoing our most recent and upcoming game releases online at Gen Con 2020. Some non-US friendly session times available! Get the details on these learn to play events. You will need discord & Tabetopia & Tabletop Simulator to participate.

Fluttering Souls is a delightful 2 player butterfly drafting game perfect for couples or a parent and child and is now available world wide.

Fairy Season is a stunningly illustrated tricksy card game that will keep the family entertained. It's also now available world wide.

Guild Master is our epic new fantasy adventurer guild team management game releasing in September 2020. It is a deluxe table filler you can really immerse yourself in for an hour or 2. We are running short 6 round games starting from the Quick Start setup.

Funfair is our beautiful new stand alone theme park building game. It's built on the Unfair system but is lighter, faster & friendlier and releasing in Q4 2020. Get in for these first public sneak peeks before the spaces fill up. 

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See you safe and sound at Gen Con 2020!