Unfair press secretary Shane Spacer has just made a special announcement.

"Despite rumours to the contrary, we can confirm that there will never be an 'I' theme in Unfair. We can confirm that negatively. It's a ridiculous assertion. Any news to the contrary is FAKE NEWS. I'll take one question..."

Question: "So what theme pack will the letter I represent in Unfair then?"

"THERE IS NO I IN UNFAIR. Any assertion to the contrary is FAKE NEWS."

Cryptic rumours about the existence of the mysterious 'I' theme for the controversial theme park building game Unfair first surfaced on the expanding and increasingly popular alt-game news media site known as the Secret Cabal. Reporters traced communications back to a Canadian theme park which has since denied all knowledge of the Cabal having a base of operations there.

More news as it happens.