Unfair, the new theme park building game from Good Games Publishing moves from strength to strength.

It funded on its first day and Unlocked its first major stretch goal on its 3rd - a whole new Ninja theme pack which adds more destructive play, the ability to steal Blueprints and a 5th player mode. This theme pack is added to the whole game, immediately increasing its value.

Innovative teaser cards are the next offering. Pairs of cards are taken from future expansions for kickstarter backers to play with until they come out in retail.

A new stretch goal for a double sided board has also been revealed. We designed the current fun colourful board with 3 or 4 players in mind - the most common player count. Unlike most row selection games, where one side of the table needs to read everything upside down, we spread the love and enable all players to read the furthest market cards from them face up, and the closest cards to them upside down. We were amazed to see how well this works in practice - reviewers like the awesome Man vs Meeple have shouted this out too.

But some people want to play 2 players sitting next to each other, and perhaps on a board that is a little more subtle colour wise so the cards pop through more. We are usability fanatics so want to accommodate as many people as possible. So with these boards, you can play with the side that suits you best, wherever you are.

2 boards

Reviews keep coming in very positive. Find out why Undead Viking says "it's fantastic".

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