Reach for the Stars!Star Tycoon 1

Expand your interstellar company and exploit the galactic market as it reacts to supply and demand in this tableau-building and goal chasing game.

Take turns over 4 game rounds to trade through the galactic exchange, smuggle resources, settle planets, and build developments on them to match planetary goals and increase your production and victory points. Expand your economy until you can build powerful mega-structures in space, and achieve your system wide production supremacy goals. Leverage events, manipulate the markets, and outwit and outbuild your rivals to victory!

  • Deluxe and colourful sci-fi art and components with a positive look and feel.
  • Flexible goal oriented gameplay.
  • The planets you choose to settle are the goals you must fulfil.
  • Trading resources through the galactic exchange resets their value for all players.
  • Positive building experience with light player interaction.

Star Tycoon 4



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Design by
Peter & Alkira Sanderson
1 - 4
25 mins per player
Space exploration and exploitation
Tableau building, engine building, market manipulation, goal chasing
Medium strategy
Retail Release 
May 2024

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