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Do  Monster cards stay on the table after I throw them?

Yes. Unless they hit a Gorgon in which case they are discarded by its power.

What happens when a card is thrown off the table or knocks another card
off the table?

Move the Monster to its god’s Underworld / discard pile. Even if it was a Pegasus.

What happens when a thrown Monster knocks a Location from its

Leave the knocked Location where it is, even if it’s close to or touching another Location. Now gods have a chance to hit 2 Locations with one Monster. If they do, they can use the power of one hit Location they choose in Throw Step 4 and gain Faith from either Location in Throw Step 5.

If a Monster already on the table is knocked onto another Monster, does that count as a hit?

No. Only the Monster that was just thrown is considered for the purposes of hitting.

If my Monster flips over to its other side when I throw it, can I use the power I threw face up?

No. You must use the face up power displayed when your Monster has stopped moving.

When I throw another god’s Monster who uses its power?

The god that throws a Monster can use its power during the resolution of the 7 Throw Steps, as if it were their own. Control of that Monster reverts to its god from the end of that throw.

Are extra throws gained compulsory? Do I have to use them in my turn?

Yes and yes, assuming you have cards left to throw.

Is there a limit to how many extra throws I can gain in a turn?

No, but when you run out of cards you cannot use any extra throws you may have gained this turn. So the number of cards in your hand is the only limit to the number of extra throws you may use. However, you may find ways to gain more cards with your extra throws.

If a Monster ability can affect multiple hit Monsters, and by removing one such Monster (discarding or returning it to its god’s hand), another Monster is revealed so that it looks like it is being hit now too, can the just thrown Monster use its power on the just revealed Monster too?

No. Hits on Monsters are determined all at once in each of Throw Steps 2 and 3.

Do my own Monsters affect each other with their powers, even if I don’t want them to?

Yes. They are Monsters, not soldiers. Throw them carefully, or throw their common power side face up.

What’s with the Phoenix, can anything kill it?

The undying Phoenix is hard, but not impossible to kill.

  • When a Phoenix is ‘hit’ by something in Throw Step 2, you carefully pick it up and return it to the top of its god’s Monster Deck before the other god’s Monster power has a chance to happen in Throw Step 3.
  • When Phoenix is already on the table the only way to send it to the Underworld is if someone discards it using Sparta’s power.
  • If, when thrown, the Phoenix lands on the Gorgon, it is immediately petrified and discarded to its god’s Underworld.

Can I use the Cyclops to throw another god’s Monster off the table? And if I do, where does it go?

Sure, but Greek gods are vengeful beings, and why don’t you want to try scoring points with that throw this turn? That would please Zeus far more. All Monsters thrown off the table go to their god’s Underworld pile, no matter who throws it.

If my Hellhound is touching Troy at the end of the game and I have the most Monsters touching Troy, how many Faith do I gain from Troy’s power?

Just 3. Hellhound’s power only works in Throw Step 3, after it has been thrown.

What happens if my Gorgon hits a Gorgon already in play?

Your Gorgon is discarded.

What is the difference between the Underworld Location and each god’s Underworld / discard pile?

Each god has their own discard pile known as their Underworld. The Underworld, Delphi and Olympus locations each allow gods access to your own or other god’s Underworld discard piles to retrieve discarded cards in various ways.



2 - 5
30 minutes
Greek mythology
Throwing cards, tactical card powers, hand management
Light tactic & strategy
Street date
Q3 2016
Kim Brebach
Jeff Brown (II)
Jarrod Owen
R. J. Palmer
John Silva

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