The new theme park tableau building game Unfair launched on Kicksarter today.

Unfair is designed by Joel Finch, and it got some good buzz at Gen Con 2016 with its mix of attraction building, blueprint scoring, beautiful art and nasty or nice event play. Also; subversive flavour text.

Unfair features 4 theme packs containing attractions, upgrades, staff, events and blueprints ready to be combined into different play experiences. You build your theme park, boost it with events or mess with competitors instead.

Early reviews are promising - Man vs Meeple's Jeremy Salinas says Unfair is a "Fantastic game, it's easily one of the best games that showed up, by surprise, at Gen Con".

"There's an appetite for a fun theme park building game in the market. We think Unfair fills this space with its risk / reward attraction building, secret goals and spicy events. We've seen the future and it's theme parks to the horizon." said Kim Brebach, Director of Good Games Publishing.

"We hope the Unfair Kickstarter campaign will add some cool theme packs to the core game and give backers a taste of our theme park future" he said.

Unfair is the follow up from Good Games Publishing's tactical dexterity game Monstrous, and follows the announcement at Gen Con that Good Games Publishing would be teaming up with CMON for distribution and marketing of their games outside of Australia and New Zealand.

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