Good Games Publishing is excited to announce our intent to publish UNFAIR - where fun is serious business.

In the strategic card game Unfair, you build an exciting theme park to attract guests and make money, while thwarting your competitors' plans to do the same.

Build ninja splashdown roller coasters, 4-star pirate restaurants and air-conditioned vampire theatres to attract guests 
and make large piles of cash. But watch out! Your competitors may bribe safety inspectors to close your rides down or pay 
hooligans to vandalise your facilities! How will you get revenge?

Whatever happens, it's bound to be Unfair.

We fell in love with Unfair from the first playtest. It's got a cheeky and appealing theme, gorgeous art by the acclaimed 
art team Mr Cuddington, many paths to victory, tonnes of replayability and lots of game to explore as you work out how to 
build and maintain your winning themepark while messing just enough with everyone else's.

We look forward to developing Unfair with Brisbane designer Joel Finch in readiness for Kickstarter and publishing later 
this year.

Kim Brebach
Good Games Publishing